Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No News is Good News

I haven't heard much screaming about the new release, so I'm assuming that's a good sign. Hopefully everyone is happily checking their SMS/Text messages as they go. Here's to finishing grad school in a week and getting started on Family/Group plans.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cingular Minutes Minder 0.5

Well version numbers don't really mean anything, but I'm halfway to a 1.0 release! I think I'm actually a lot closer than that. I've gotten pretty much everything done that I had hoped to have done. My two main goals were to create a solid extension that works for the majority of people and to get it up on the official addons site. I've acheived both of those goals with this bug fix release.

This release should fix the SMS/text messaging problem people where having, someone let me know it's working for them. Thanks to Steve for finding and fixing the bug for me. Also, I've increased the automatic check time of the extension to 1 hour. I don't want the extension bombarding Cingular and they really don't update their information more often than that anyway. Let me know how this one works for you.