Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Calling All Family Plans (again)

Matt and I, being single, are not a part of any family plans*. As such, I cannot access and view the HTML on their website in order to make this extension work. All previously submitted HTML files are not useful because of the changes AT&T has made. Because of this we have to make a "call for help" again.

If you have a family plan and would like this to work please do us a large favor: log into AT&T's website, save the HTML from the page that displays your minutes, then click on "Data" and save the information from that page as well. If you are worried about your privacy you can edit the HTML (open in notepad and do a find/replace) to take out/change your name/number/etc. But realize we don't exactly send this information around going "hey look at how much this person talks on the phone!"

You can email me at attminutesminder@gmail.com (see how speedy we're being with the name brand changes?)

* Matt, maybe we should see if they do some sort of hetero-lifemate thing and score ourselves a discount?



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