Monday, August 28, 2006

Tale of Two (or more?) Cingulars

It's come to my attention that my extension will not work for everyone. This is not a shock, but now I actually have one concrete reason why. Thanks to JJ for sending me some more information. It turns out that cingular doesn't have all of their users on the same page, quite literally. Looking at JJ's screenshot, I realized that Cingular still lets AT&T users login to the old AT&T system. When I first started working on this extension I was still logging into AT&T's website through Cingular using this address: Just as I had the extension in a usable form, Cingular migrated me to their system: and the extension was ruined. As reference, this is what the minutes section of the old AT&T page looks like:

transition message:

vs new:

So, I figured they migrated everyone to the new website. Since then I've completely reworked the extension and am not even sure I have a copy of the old one around. Even if I did, it certainly wouldn't plug right in. Now, I'm interested to see how many old AT&T users are still able to login to the old website or if most everyone has been transitioned. Unfortunately at this point, my extension won't work with the old website, but depending on demand that may be remedied.

I'd also really like to hear from anyone who's had the extension working properly.


At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Luke said...

Looks really good on Firefox & WinXP. No problems installing whatsoever and it worked "out of the box".

login image

in use image

In terms of polishing your work... check out the first image. Is there any way to resize the box to include the OK and CANCEL buttons? It's a minor thing I know...

Good work... it's a useful tool.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Matt Zollinhofer said...

Sweet, thanks for the report and pictures. I see the login screen problem. I do all my stuff on a mac and apparently it renders that window a little differently. I'll have to touch that up.

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...






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